Pathology Experts GmbH

Pathology Experts provides senior level  expertise in toxicologic pathology and preclinical research. We specialize in problem solving and handling regulatory issues involving biologics or small molecules. Our mechanistic approach facilitates translation of nonclinical histopathology data to relevance to human safety in the clinics.

We are particularly proud of our ever increasing presence in the digital pathology space. Specifically, our teams of histopathology experts provide domain expertise in support of training and validation of Machine Learning/Deep Thinking algorithms in software development for use in toxicologic pathology. We understand the meaning of Ground Truth and all that it encompasses.




Our team of nonclinical experts in biotherapeutics are ready to assist you.

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Blood Smear

Digital Pathology- Annotation and QC support for ML/DT algorithm development

• Training, Validation and QC
• Pathology Domain Expertise
- all organ systems
• WSI level and pixel-level Annotations

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• Recommended Practices

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Need more resources?

Pathology Experts provides a valuable option for augmenting your preclinical research capability.

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