Toxicologic Neuropathology

Neuropathologic findings in preclinical safety studies are a common reason for delaying the start or decreasing the pace of human clinical trials. Neuropathology is a focused sub-discipline of toxicologic pathology in that proficient practitioners must have wide-ranging expertise in comparative anatomy, chemistry, functional testing, and pathology of the central nervous system as well as the somatic and autonomic divisions of the peripheral nervous system.

Exposure: 000 : 00 : 00 . 015 : 656
Binning: 1 x 1
Gain: 1.000000

Such detailed understanding is especially vital for devising appropriate preclinical study designs, performing neuropathology peer reviews, and differentiating genuine test item-related changes from incidental background lesions.  Pathology Experts advisors with expertise in this specialized field can provide substantial value in discovering and developing new biomedical products.